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REAP - How We'll Read The Bible In 2014

Image If we're going to read the Bible together, we need a way to read the Bible together. We'll be using the ESV Study Bible reading plan in 2014, but we think its important to match a principle to a practice.

So the principle for reading the Bible is 'listen and respond to God' and the corresponding practice for us is 'use the REAP method'.

REAP is a way to study the Bible that calls for you to:

  • Read the text
  • Examine the text
  • Apply the text
  • Pray the text

Here is an outline and explanation of each part of REAP; print a copy and put it in your Bible for easy reference.

REAP Method

You can get ready for next year by:

Saturday - We'll show you what it looks like to use REAP when you study the Bible

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Blueprint - How We're Reading The Bible Together In 2014


It has never been easier in the history of the world to read the Bible. Technology has put the Bible in your hands and given you a bazillion ways to structure how you read it. What technology cannot do is to give you a process for how you read the Scriptures and a community to read the Scriptures with together. 

So beginning on January 1, our church is going to read through the entire Bible together. Here's our plan:

  • Use the ESV Study Bible reading plan, which you'll be able to access on your iOS calendar, via email, the web, our church's Facebook page or you can print it out and put it in your Bible.
  • Introduce a method of Bible interpretation called REAP (Read, Examine, Apply, Pray) that will enable you to listen and respond to God. 
  • Invite you to start or join a DNA Group that gives you the opportunity to talk about the Scriptures and follow Jesus together with 2-3 other people.

You can get ready for next year by:

  • Purchasing a copy of the ESV Study Bible or using a study Bible that you already own [NOTE: you don't have to use a Study Bible but I do find them to be helpful]
  • Choosing how you want your daily reminders to be delivered (calendar, email, web, print)
  • Asking God to connect you with the 2-3 people he wants you to make this journey with next year. 

Thursday - Why We Chose The ESV Study Bible Reading Plan

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