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You were made to follow Jesus. And you cannot follow Jesus without becoming part of the fabric of his Church.

Jesus is leading us into the cracks and crevices of everyday life in Athens and beyond, with a vision as big as the world. That vision is to take what God gives us and to leverage it to tell the good news of God with our work and our words. We must settle for nothing less than making Jesus impossible to ignore in every place and in our relationships with every person.

In making Jesus impossible to ignore, our deepest desire is to see people we know and love become followers of Jesus. And the primary way we see that happen is by inviting people into the life of our church family. That’s a big claim - to call each other family. But it is happening as we gather together in gatherings and groups across the city that connect people in relationships where we are loved and can love the world together for the sake of Jesus.

We would love for you to join us on Sunday.

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