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Nehemiah: God's Work, God's Way (Series Page)

The people of Israel happily return from exile and rebuild the temple, but their joy gives way to discouragement as the city of Jerusalem continues to sit in ruins. Then Nehemiah arrives, moved to action by compassion for the city and concern for God’s glory.

The story of Nehemiah, shows us that God is faithful to his people as he raises up ordinary people to lead and do His work His way.

In Volume One of this series, we’ll see that God does His work through His people as they rely on the resources that He provides. We’ll see the place of prayer, the way that the Scriptures realigns our hearts, and the need to take the right set of practical steps to live out God’s plan. To reach our goal, we will have to remain unified and committed to God’s task, confident in the promise that God’s work done God’s way will make the real Jesus impossible to ignore.


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