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2019 PLAN

This year, we want to read through the entire Bible together using the Read Scripture bible reading plan.

Our hope in using this plan is for us to regularly and consistently read the bible together without it being overwhelming or creating more items to check off of a to-do list. It is designed to be manageable for the person who struggles to read while being rich for the person who loves to read. As you read the Bible, let it shape the way you pray to God and let those prayers shape the way you live your life. 

You can download the app or print a hard copy of the Bible reading plan using the button below.


The bible is God's word to us. It is the telling of God's story that should shape the way we live our lives. In it we can find answers to all of life's questions. Not because there is a verse or a chapter that tells us what college to attend, what career to pursue, or who to marry. But because in the pages of Scripture God reveals himself to us. In these chapters and these verses God gives us a look at his character and nature. We do not read the bible so that God will love us. We read the bible to become further convinced that because of his grace and mercy he already does.

There has never been a time over the course of human history where the words of God have been more readily accessible than they are today. There are countless translations, commentaries, apps, and bible reading plans all designed to help us grow in our knowledge of the God that the bible puts on display. At Christ Community Church we want everything we do to be informed and shaped by The Word. We believe something significant happens when we go to the bible seeking to hear from and learn about God, especially when we do that together as a church.


  • Have a plan. Despite most christians best efforts we seldom stick with what we set out to do. Pick a Bible reading plan like the one we are doing together as a church in 2019.

  • Schedule a time and place. Life is busy for all of us. We typically don't accomplish things we don't schedule and reading your Bible is no different. If you don't schedule when and where you will read your Bible the day's activities will prevent it from happening.

  • Read prayerfully. Pray before you read your Bible that God would give you the ability to focus and understand. Pray while you read that you would be able to respond to the voice of God. Pray after you read, thanking God for his word and asking his help in applying it.

  • Look for Jesus. The point of the Bible is not us it is God. The Bible says that Jesus is the visible image of an invisible God. As you read the Bible look for Jesus and his gospel in the Old Testament and the New Testament that you might know Christ more.

  • Keep a journal. As you read the Bible, consider keeping a journal where you can write down what you learn or hear from God as you read and your prayers to him in response to what you read.

  • Share what you read. The goal in reading the bible isn't simply information downloading. The goal is growing in a knowledge of who God is and seeing your life transform as a result. Share how God is speaking to you, how you are growing, and in what areas you need help with the people in your community group.

  • If it helps, read aloud. Reading the Bible can be difficult at times and it can be easy to get distracted or to stay focused. Try picking a place to read where you can red out loud to help you stay engaged.

  • Stick with it. Every single person comes to the bible in a different way and even that changes from day to day. Some people are just starting out their life as a christian, others have been at for a while, and others still are not convinced that Jesus is who he says he is. Regardless of where you are on any given day you can trust the God of the Bible to be what you need for that day. Stick with the plan and don't give up.

If you want more information or need more help on how to read the Bible attend one of our classes this Fall immediately following the gathering.