Discipleship at Christ Church, Part Two

Christ Community Church is a family learning to follow Jesus. One way we talk about following Jesus is to call it discipleship and shape our church in such a way that everything we do is discipleship. So yesterday, I talked about how we've created a way for us to follow Jesus together in our gatherings, community groups and fight clubs. There are times when I explain this to people and they quickly wonder out loud if that's all we do. Maybe they've moved into town and their church in South Carolina provided far more options for men, women, children and students.

In all honesty, we believe that anyone can grow well by showing up on Sundays for our gathering, making their life available to others in a gospel-saturated community group, and joining a fight club to make war on sin and to trust Jesus as our great hope and treasure. But we do recognize the benefit created by other environments and make these available throughout the year:

Porterbrook Southeast - a two-year process that I run for people across the Southeast to help you learn how to live out the gospel, know the Bible and good theology, love the church and engage the world. For more information, contact info@porterbrooksoutheast.org.

Topical Groups - On occasion, we have groups start up to focus on issues ranging from parenting to personal finances. These usually last from 3-12 weeks and are best utilized as complements to your life in a community group.

Special Events - There are times when it's helpful to get a large number of people from the church for one day or an entire weekend to say something critical to men and women or to learn how to study the Scriptures or work on a project together.

Both topical groups and special events are broadcast here on the blog and through other media outlets such as Twitter (@missionathens), our church's Facebook page and announcements made on Sundays at our weekly gathering.

We hope you'll take advantage of these opportunities as time and interest allow as we learn to follow Jesus together as a family.

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