Going Global

During last night's gathering, we announced our intentions to go global by planting churches around the world and partnering with other churches around the world. How far we go and where exactly we go is where you come into the picture. Here are three ways for you to help us expand our efforts internationally:

  1. Help us partner with existing missionaries and their churches. Get an email address. Ask for ways we can pray for them. Let the church know how we can be praying. Go and visit for a week and take a team from our church with you.
  2. Help us start new partnerships. Who do you know that is part of a church in a different part of the world? Are there projects we can fund? Do you need to go become part of that community for a year or longer?
  3. Help us plan for long-term sustainability. Let's send teams. Let's partner with receiving churches. Let's take care of our missionaries. Let's help them replace themselves.

Our global mission begins with you. Start here and let's discover together what God has in store for us.

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