The Road to Mission is Paved With Happy Members

In his book, The Gospel in a Pluralist Society, British missionary Lesslie Newbigin reminds us that the gospel will not saturate the world around us until the local church renounces an introverted concern with itself and recognize 'that they exist for the sake of those who are not members.' (233) In other words, Christ Community Church does not exist for the sake of those of us who are already part of the family; rather we are here for those who are not yet (and may never be?) a part of our family.

And while I agree - and am challenged - by Newbigin's premise I do think there is a way that we can live out a concern for the outsider that in the end will keep us from effectively living for the outsider.

Here's what I mean - answer this question from the perspective of someone who is interested in Christianity, and our church specifically:

Would you rather be part of a church where the members love each other well or one where leadership has made reaching non-Christians the highest priority?

What if helping people become family does not negate mission but is the air in which mission breathes?

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