Ashley Clark - Summer 2010

Ashley Clark has done a fantastic job this summer interning with our high school and middle school girls. Here's what God has been teaching her this summer:

As I have been thinking about what the Lord has been teaching me, I think I’ve come to realize that really what God has been impressing on my heart is to apply the gospel to every area, situation, and relationship in my life. He has been showing me that my responses to situations need to be gospel centered. I have been working with the youth group at Christ Community this summer! The girls and I have been doing Tim Keller’s Galatians study, and so much of what Keller emphasizes about Galatians is the importance of the gospel. We are not only saved by faith in what Christ has done for us, but faith in Christ is what enables us to grow. I have seen my sin in trying to win acceptance with God through my works and have seen how faith in Christ’s work on the cross really is the only way that I can have salvation. The Lord has also been showing me how I need to have gospel responses to relationships in my life. I need to be seeing that God is using each situation in my life to point me and others more to Him, and my focus in all relationships needs to be others seeing God’s love for them more, rather than my own happiness.

Thanks, Ashley! We're thankful for your love for our students and for the transforming work of God in your life.

We still have room for a few more stories - so if you'd like to let people know what God has been teaching you over the summer, email me at

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