Rachel Reece - Summer 2010

Rachel is a UGA student who has been part of our church for three years. Here's what she wrote about her summer working with students at Camp All-American in Atlanta:

We've been going through Tim Keller's study of Galatians at Camp All-American this summer, and I am seeing life more clearly than I ever have before. I've come to a much deeper understanding of the ways I fail to live out and believe the gospel, but it's so good because I'm seeing so many things that I have been held captive to my whole life, and how there is freedom from those things in a relationship with the Lord.

It has really been a rich summer, as I learn about my own sense of entitlement through the outrageous expectations of some campers' parents, and as I see my bondage to perfectionism through how I handle slip-ups and failure. The richness comes in seeing that because I'm not "entitled" to grace, I can't do anything to make me un-entitled to it: it's unconditional; and I am also slowly understanding that the Lord shows me grace in my failures and defines me based on who Jesus is, not how well I perform. I feel truly and deeply blessed in the Lord!

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