The Danger of Being The Church

Once you create a culture that abandons going to church so that it can be the church, you run the risk of neglecting the weekly gathering and walking through life starved of grace. If you forget - or never figure out - that the weekly gathering exists as the primary place that God shows us and tells us that he loves us and will never abandon us, then 5:00 on Sundays becomes just another scheduling option for your week.

We preach so that you might hear God powerfully assure you that, however undeserved, he still loves you. And we take communion together every week so you might see and taste and touch tangible evidence of this love that is all of grace.

Please know that I want you in that room every Sunday - not so much to feed my professional ego but to feed your need for the love and mercy of God. You need this - and it is my greatest privilege to work with you to help people see the cross and know they are loved by God.

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