Obligatory Grace and Doxological Justice

This Sunday, I'll be teaching on Luke 18:1-8 to preview our teaching series in Luke that begins on September 12th. This text is one of Jesus' parables - stories that tell us something about God and the life we have with him. So we'll hear Jesus tell a story about a widow seeking justice and tell us that we should be people who pray for justice to the point of annoyance. My point is that I don't believe this is a call to prayer for justice in general but for a particular brand of justice that I define as doxological justice.

Doxological justice is the pursuit of worship - the dogged pursuit of a life of deep hope and satisfaction in Jesus. This is the life we were created for - the life of love that is rightfully ours if we belong to Jesus. If there is any justice in the universe, then God is obligated to love us if the cross is true.

So we can talk about grace - God loves us because his love is what we need not what we deserve as guilty sinners. But the cross demands this kind of love - God would be unjust and therefore cease to be God if he withheld love from us.

So because God is gracious, he lavishes us with a love we do not deserve. And because is just, he lavishes us with a love that cannot be withheld from us. This means that our life is the prayer-filled pursuit of doxological justice because of the obligatory grace created by the work of Jesus on the cross.

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