Does Your Worship Honor God?

From Doctrine by Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears (340-341):

Worship includes (1) praise; (2) proclamation, i.e., lips that confess his name; (3) service, which means doing good as a demonstration of the gospel to the world; (4) participation, which means sharing with others as a demonstration of grace to the world); (5) sacrifice, the giving of time, talent and treasure; and (6) submission, i.e., respecting godly authority placed over us so that we grow in wisdom and holiness.

In light of this comprehensive overview of worship acts, we can examine our lives to see if our worship is honoring or dishonoring to God:

  1. Who or what do you praise most passionately or frequently?
  2. How commonly and clearly do you confess Jesus Christ in the words you speak, type and sing?
  3. Are you one who faithfully serves others with gladness in response to God's so faithfully serving you? Or are you someone who prefers to be served rather than to serve? Do you serve when it is inconvenient or unnoticed, or when you are unmotivated?
  4. Are you an active participant in the life of your church and community? Do you give your time, talent, and treasure to share God's love in tangible ways with others?
  5. For whom or what do you sacrifice your time, health, emotion, money and energy? What do these acts of worship reveal about what you have chosen to deify in your life.
  6. Are you submissive to godly authority or do you tend to ignore or rebel against godly authority (e.g., parent, teacher, pastor, or boss)?

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