Porterbrook Will Help You Grow

We've incorporated Porterbrook into the life of our church to help you follow Jesus. Over the next two years, anyone involved in Porterbrook will be presented with unique opportunities to grow theologically, relationally, and vocationally. In the end, our hope is that Porterbrook will go a long way to helping you develop as a:

  • Worshiper who loves Jesus enough to follow him into the hard places of life
  • Learner who loves the Scriptures enough to mine them and obey what they find
  • Servant who leverages who they are and what they have for the good of others
  • Missionary who lives in the world while not giving into the world
  • Family member who loves God's people we know as the church enough to build their life around each other

To register for Porterbrook or learn more about what we're doing, click here.

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