Why You Should Be Part of Porterbrook: Missional Community Life

Porterbrook Southeast is theology for anyone who has a desire to learn and 2-3 hours a week to invest in material that will help shape you as a follower of Jesus. One of the courses we're offering this fall is called Missional Community Life. Here's a brief overview of what we'll cover:

This module starts by arguing for why we are in a 'missionary' context. It then goes on to explain what it means for us to be a people on mission, or 'missional', and the difference between this and traditional approaches to small groups. Having set this basis for life, the module looks at the practical outliving of this mindset – how to engage the culture around, living normal life infused with the gospel, understanding the 'rhythms' of life around us and how the gospel shapes those rhythms. The module rounds off looking at how this missional life impacts everyday activities like hospitality and the stewardship of time and money.
  1. Missional context
  2. Missional community
  3. Missional engagement
  4. Missional intentionality
  5. Missional rhythms
  6. Missional hospitality
  7. Missional stewardship of time
  8. Missional stewardship of money
  9. Missional grace
  10. Appendix: Forming a missional community

For more information about Porterbrook and/or to register, click here.

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