Why You Should Be Part of Porterbrook: Apologetics

Porterbrook Southeast is theology for anyone who has a desire to learn and 2-3 hours a week to invest in material that will help shape you as a follower of Jesus. One of the courses we're offering this fall is called Apologetics. Here's a brief overview of what we'll cover:

Traditionally apologetics has been the attempt to show the Christian faith to be rational. However this makes the mistake of thinking that the rejection of Christianity stems from a rational argument. The Bible begs to differ. The problem is not rational, but the human heart. The heart needs something more than arguments to change it. What role then has apologetics? This module examines this question.

  1. Presuppositional apologetics
  2. Relational apologetics
  3. Defeater beliefs
  4. Question 1: The proof for God
  5. Question 2: Other religions
  6. Question 3: Suffering
  7. Question 4: Truth and freedom
  8. Question 5: Hell
  9. Question 6: Science and miracles

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