What We're About

This Saturday, we're hosting a Family Conversation to address questions about our church from newcomers, prospective members, and the people who already make up Christ Church. If you consider yourself part of Christ Church,  you should plan on being at Faith Church from 8:30-11:00 on Saturday morning (you can register at http://familyconversation.eventbrite.com/). As a sneak preview of sorts, here's one question that was on my mind earlier this morning:

Q: What is Christ Community Church about?

A: We want to take the Bible seriously - which might sound like an obvious thing for a church to say. But I think churches in the American South struggle to believe what the Bible says to believe and to do what the Bible says to do.

Can I give you just three examples?

  • We want to be about the message of the Gospel. Our only hope in life and death is that we belong to Jesus. Christianity is not about what we must do but what Jesus has already done.
  • We want to be about life in community. We were not made for isolation. We will struggle, scratch and claw to build life around each other in a busy world that seemingly forces us to exist on an island.
  • We want to be about God's mission. Life and its blessings never terminate on me. We will shape our life to extend blessing to the people God has placed around us.

We will unashamedly call our church to this kind of life. And look - I'll be the first to admit that a life saturated in gospel, community, and mission is difficult. In fact, I would call it a life that is impossible without the continuing work of the Holy Spirit changing my heart and compelling to live this way.

So we will pray and create a process that is both patient and persistent - but make no mistake, this is the life we were made for and the life we intend to live as Christ Church.


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