Christ Church 101 - Should I Join A Church If I'm Leaving Athens Soon?

Christ Church 101 addresses common questions that people ask about our church - covering everything from who we are and what we're about to where we're going and how we operate. Q: I'm only going to be in Athens for (specified period of time). Should I pursue church membership if I'm not going to be here forever?

A: Yes, for at least three reasons.

First, because we follow Jesus as part of a family. Christianity is a life lived together within the God-created community of the local church.

Second, because there is real benefit to church membership. There should be a depth and vibrancy to life inside of the church that is distinct from life outside of the church.

Third, because we really don't know how long we'll be in Athens. We all have plans but the Scriptures, history and our own story remind us that for all of our wise planning, God can and sometimes will change those plans in unexpected ways. Better to act on what we know now than to wait on what may or may not be true tomorrow.

I do appreciate this question - particularly because the spirit in which it is offered is one of genuine concern to not hurt or disappoint the church if and when one moves on to the next stage of life. But in the end, we signed up to be a church in Athens for Athens, which means we will always have a heavy turnover in membership as students come and go each semester.

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