Fight Clubs

A few suggestions to help us fight:

1. Talk to one or two people in your life about meeting together regularly.

2. Pray that you would learn to become family and follow Jesus - transparency, commitment and compassion are key components.

3. The tone is natural and deliberate - be yourself, but remember your reasons for meeting together.

4. Open your life: engage in honest conversation about how you think, feel and live.

5. Open the Scriptures: one option, pick a book of the Bible & study one chapter per week.

6. Open your heart & mind: walk through the passage of scripture together - find the main points, find your weaknesses, find Christ's strength.

7. This is a level playing field - everyone has something to teach and something to learn.

8. Be patient and persistent - small steps, living in community and gathering our lives around the Gospel is a process.

9. Remember God loves you and has promised not to change His mind. Living in community is transformational AND messy - the Gospel frees us to get better and it frees us to fail.

10. The last rule of Fight Club is… there are no rules – Try something, He will use it – that’s our hope.  

God is already working for your good - give Him the opportunity to bless you and make you a blessing to others through a Fight Club.

2 John 1:3

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