Who's In Charge Around Here?

Today's message comes from Luke 2:1-7, the first part of what is commonly known as the Christmas story. I broke up the story into two parts because there's a specific contrast here between the great king, Caesar Augustus, and the one true king, Jesus, who ends this scene as a helpless baby sleeping in a feeding trough. Which one of these kings will you trust? Will you trust in Jesus, even in those moments when he doesn't seem to be in control? Or will you trust in some other king - another person or even yourself?

Here are the questions we created for groups to walk through and talk about - based on the sermon but not entirely dependent upon the sermon. If you're not in a group, feel free to use these but I can't stress enough how critical it is for you to plug into the life of a group of people. For more information about our community groups, contact us at info@missionathens.com.

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