Christ Church 101 - Who We Are

Christ Church 101 addresses common questions that people ask about our church - covering everything from who we are and what we're about to where we're going and how we operate. Q. How would you describe Christ Church?

A. Here's the language that we've settled on for this season of life - we are a family of missionaries learning to help people become family and follow Jesus for the glory of God. Embedded in this idea are five core identities that describe who we are: family, missionary, learner, servant, worshiper.

So who are we? We're a family who builds life around each other. We are missionaries who take Jesus to the world around us. We're servants who follow Jesus into the real needs of the world. We're learners who invest in our own discipleship and the discipleship of others. We are worshipers whose every need and deepest longings are found in who God is for us in Jesus.

For more about these core identities, check out this page from the Christ Church website.

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