Hope For Whores

This year during Advent, we're looking back into the Old Testament to discover why Jesus came to earth and how that matters to us 2,000 years after he shows up on the scene. So we'll be learning the bizarre love story of Hosea - a holy man - and Gomer - a whore. And in their story I believe that we'll hear our story. We are the kind of people whose allegiances and affections are divided. We are spiritual whores.

Strangely enough, I believe that this is a story filled with hope. Because Jesus shows up as a greater and better Hosea who loves us with grace and truth.

Here are the questions we created for groups to walk through and talk about - based on the sermon but not entirely dependent upon the sermon. If you're not in a group, feel free to use these but I can't stress enough how critical it is for you to plug into the life of a group of people. For more information about our community groups, contact us at info@missionathens.com.

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