2011 - Are You In?

Our elders have identified two areas of organizational emphasis in 2011:

  • Prayer - creating a culture that is obviously dependent upon God for wisdom and encouragement;
  • Process - creating small steps that close the gap between great ideas and everyday life

Now I don't intend for you to receive this as information. You need to do something about this.

Because this is your church. And you can make it better.

So dream out loud with me about how you can add a little or a lot to these opportunities that are staring us down as we gear up for 2011:

  • Prayer
  • Communication
  • Men's Discipleship
  • Women's Discipleship
  • Nursery
  • Children (Preschool-2nd Grade)
  • Children (3rd-5th Grade)
  • Host Team
  • Set-up Team
  • Audio Engineering
  • Economic Development - Personal Finances
  • Economic Development - Alumni and Parents
  • Church Planting
  • Mission - Suburbs
  • Mission - UGA
  • Mission - Downtown Athens
  • Protege (our two-year residency program)

Here's what I need you to do. I need you to tell me which one of these areas bothers you the most. You read the list and see a need. You read the list and know we can get better. You read the list and have an idea that could make us world class.

I'm not asking you to sign up for anything. I just want to know what matters enough to you to shoot me an email (madair@missionathens.com) that says 'I'd like to talk about (fill in the blank).'

Are you in?

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