Advent Conspiracy Update - January 31, 2011

Last December, you helped our church invest over $11,000 in gospel projects here in Athens and in Africa. Here's an update on the work of Better For Kids in Africa from Todd Harrison, one of our candidates and a leader in the Better For Kids movement:

The idea of Better for Kids is to impact a community with a more comprehensive gospel approach, through ministry to kids.  In Zeway this started with a 20 child orphan home.  With that as a community "home base" we will begin to expand ministry beyond these 20 to other street children, orphans, at risk kids AND their families.  The idea can be summed up in a formula:

  • 1 orphan, from
  • 1 poor area, partnered with
  • 1 family, from
  • 1 local church, that is a "friend church" hooked up with
  • 1 USA church, in order to demonstrate the gospel, back in to that
  • 1 poor area.

So you can see the ministry plan that involves local churches, USA churches, at risk kids, through a variety of ministry projects, in order to impact the entire community with the gospel.

We will have a BFK local ministry coordinator that will be trained by BFK folks from Egypt to facilitate comprehensive ministry of the gospel.

The next project that will PROBABLY happen is the school in a surrounding village in order to impact more children and the village for the Kingdom.  It will encompass expanding and renovating the school, supplying a water line, developing a 15 acre farm plot, and running the school for 300 children, ages 4-7.  This village is Abinegarmama, 6800 folks, 85% Muslim.  The elders from this village invited us to do the school project, and they know we are believers.


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