Our Family Is Growing - Justin Kimmel

We've recently completed membership interviews with several people and I've asked some of them to talk about why they've become part of the Christ Church family. Here's Justin Kimmel's story:

I started attending CCC in January 2010 and have felt right at home since then. The welcoming family atmosphere that I was exposed to along with what was being preached from the pulpit and the music made it really easy for me to keep coming. In August, I began the Protege program here and have really enjoyed serving on this team. Many of you might ask "What on earth does Justin do as a full-time intern for the church? Is there really enough work in the week for him to do?," so I am happy to answer questions like these.

There really is no typical work week. There are every-week tasks that I have to complete, but I am being challenged to take initiative and help create things that will benefit our church and our gathering. Aaron and Matt don't stop pushing me in my ministry, music and goal-setting. My internship is much more than just becoming a better musician. It is equipping me to lead people with or without music and to build relationships that equip people to better serve our church and ultimately the kingdom of God.

Some of the every-week tasks that I am responsible for might be considered as the mundane part of the job, but they are important nonetheless. This includes preparing song books for our musicians, management of our planning center, taking charge of setup and sound setup teams, going through Porterbrook(our study program), and sharing all the responsibilities for our gathering with Aaron.

Other parts of my job have included leading worship once a month, being the sound engineer, hanging out with the youth group, helping people with music be it giving lessons or helping someone else in their leading, preparing for nights of worship, writing music, working on projects that normally would be handed to an intern, and anything else that needs to be done that nobody else has time for.

I am joining this church because I feel it's more of a commitment to our family and mission rather than just being someone who works for us. I absolutely love the things God is doing in this church and the direction He's got us going in. It is a joy to be actively serving here and I look forward to the time ahead.


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