Our Family Is Growing - Josh and Lindsey Hughes

We've recently completed membership interviews with several people and I've asked some of them to talk about why they've become part of the Christ Church family. Here's Josh and Lindsey Hughes' story:

We started coming to Christ Community this past August right after getting married. We had not made much effort to find a church in Athens at that point. We had been involved in campus ministry a good deal and allowed that to kind of replace church. But we started to realize very quickly that we needed a place with a mixture of college people as well as families.  Lindsey had visited Christ Community a few times during her freshman year at UGA and enjoyed it so we decided to start our church search here. We both really liked how each message was centered around the Gospel. We came away each Sunday not only knowing God’s love more, but also feeling challenged to love Him better and work on specific things in our lives. I think that a lot of churches today tend to focus only on encouraging people. But once you leave the building, even with a new thirst for God, it may be unclear as to how to apply the message to real life. We love that Christ Community focuses on encouragement as well as teaching how to live as God’s people in the details of life.

We have loved being part of a community group and fight clubs. The emphasis in the church on family is really great. It is hard for me, as an introvert, to jump into vulnerability and share life with a group of people. I have a tendency to try to figure out God on my own and work on the Christian life in seclusion, which fails miserably.  I can’t fool myself into thinking that I’m truly loving God in my daily life if I’m not loving people daily as well. I’m very grateful that, in this church, I am constantly challenged to build life around other people who love Jesus. It sounds like a great idea, but it goes against my nature, so I need that extra push.  It’s been an interesting process getting to know the people in our groups. And while we haven’t reached the level of community that we would like to yet, we can see relationships growing and are really excited about what God can do through us as a group and around us as we pray for and encourage each other to live the way God has called us to live.

Another thing that drew us in was the fact that we take Communion each week. Both of us grew up in churches where Communion was a special, infrequent thing. It had the appearance of a mini-revival to me. But I’ve realized that I need revival every day, and that Jesus wants us to remember Him and come to Him constantly, not just every so often. Taking communion at the end of each meeting wraps up the message for us very well. It brings us back to the Gospel. It reminds us of the great gift before us that we don’t deserve at all, but it’s completely free.  It brings us to place of humility and freedom that only Jesus can give.

This church is solid and we believe we can grow here and be used by God through it for some great things.


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