Our Family Is Growing - The Churchwell's

We’ve recently completed membership interviews with several people and I’ve asked some of them to talk about why they’ve become part of the Christ Church family. Here’s Zan Churchwell’s story: We moved back to Athens in 2004 and love being back in town. However, it seems we have been trying to find our place in a local church ever since (sometimes more vigorously than others). Honestly, looking for a church sucked. It was like going on a thousand crappy blind dates with our cousin. Of course, we were the problem all along. Anyway, we sorted it out. And, we’re glad to be here...finally.

Athens is the place we’ve always considered home. Ceci grew up in Athens and it’s where we met over 20 years ago. We love raising our boys here. We have 4 of them: Fear, Owen, Caedmon and Gunnar. They attend public school in Clarke County where Ceci is actively involved. The boys are swimmers, so we spend a fair amount of our time in and around a pool. Zan sells drugs (legally) and Ceci is a Real Estate Broker; she started her own firm in September and is enjoying the challenge.

We look forward to being a part of the family.

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