Our Family Is Growing - Philip Aloisio

We’ve recently completed membership interviews with several people and I’ve asked some of them to talk about why they’ve become part of the Christ Church family. Here’s Philip Aloisio’s story: I knew very few people in the area when I moved up to Athens last fall. I knew I wanted to immediately get involved in Christian community. Having been involved with campus outreach at Georgia Tech, I knew several of the folks on staff who were familiar with churches around UGA. I talked to them and they gave me recommendations for churches in the area. The second church I attended in Athens was Christ Community. I went and I have never left. I immediately felt welcomed into the church.

I enjoyed the uplifting and biblically based sermons. I quickly realized the church was full of believers actively walking with each other and actively involved in each other’s lives. This was something I desperately desired and needed. Despite my collegiate allegiances, I was quickly welcomed into John’s Saye’s Community Group, where I immediately found friends. The community group member’s and the other members of the church have made my transition to Athens and the extraordinarily challenging first year of law school that much easier. I thank God for them for being there for me as I have leaned on them during this challenging time in my life.

This spring upon John Saye’s Departure, I was once again immediately welcomed into Brian Berger’s Community Group. Once again I found fellowship. After prayer and much thought I decided I wanted Christ Community to be my home. I look forward to walking with the other members and pursuing God’s work for this church with them in the City.

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