Thank You Katie Homeyer!

We want to take a second and recognize a family member of our church who has recently moved from Athens all the way to the beautiful state of Colorado. We want to

Katie pictured on left

thank Katie Homeyer for all her service to Christ Community.

A couple years ago as an art student at UGA, she saw where her gifts fit in with a need and went after it. Ever since, she has been selflessly serving behind the scenes for our Sunday gatherings. It was her idea to set up a coffee and snack bar - she faithfully organized someone to bake each week and brewed the coffee every Sunday. On our worship nights, she was responsible for the artwork. During sermon series where there have been set designs, they were products of her thoughtfulness. She stands out as what we both need and love from people – to identify a need and see it through.

Katie has also been an active member of a community group in her time here and has truly lived life and been on mission with those people.

Katie, you were not only valuable to us for what you did, though we thank you sincerely for all of it. You have been valuable to us because of who you are and the joy you bring to us as a church family. You are already missed, and we wish you the best.

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