Summer Leadership Project Update

Read an update from Brad Wilkerson, member at our church, and a team leader on Campus Outreach’s Summer Leadership Project:

Hello from Panama City! We’ve been down here for one week now, and we’re starting to get settled in. There are about 85 students here on the Campus Outreach Summer Leadership Project, with around 25 or so from UGA. We’re staying right on the beach in a small hotel and most of our meetings are at a nearby church’s activity center. Everyone has a job already, which is a huge blessing, so we are spending our days working at McDonalds, Wendy’s, Dunkin Doughnuts, Holiday Inn, and various other fine establishments. Coleman Collins and I will set up shop at Firehouse Subs on Tuesday (which I see as a well deserved reward after two summers at Mickey D’s).

A large part of the first week obviously involves people just getting to know each other and getting an idea of what’s going to be happening this summer. Everyone is excited to see God work this summer though, and I am confident that he will transform lives just like he has in past summers. I am serving as a team leader this summer (along with Coleman, Christy Adams, Carly Kurdelmeier, and Caitlin Cornwell), and I am looking forward to a summer of just trying to love people and point them to the freedom and grace of the gospel.

Here’s some ways you all can be praying for us: pray that God would give us close community that points people to Jesus; that we would love people at our jobs and be bold in sharing our lives and the gospel with them; and that all the students down here would learn how to walk closely with Jesus. We’re praying for Christ Community, and I hope summer has been great in Athens so far. Looking forward to seeing everybody in August at the new building!

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