SLP Update 2

Here’s an update on what’s happening at Summer Leadership Project from Carly Kurdelmeier, who is a member of our church, upcoming senior at UGA, and team leader for SLP:

Greetings from Panama City! We are heading into week four of Summer Leadership Project, which means things are starting to get hard, as everyone is beginning to realize this is not just a summer camp. I love this time of Project because the honeymoon phase has ended and the genuine relationships are starting to show through. It is fun to see two people who, from a worldly perspective, have nothing in common really be able to connect on a deep level solely because of Christ. Through Christ we all have the same inheritance and have an eternal hope to claim, what else could we ask for?! I have been amazed at the community that the Lord has provided for us down here and love seeing Him answer prayers for real community that started way back in December.

I have really been able to see the Lord work through the room leaders that I am discipling and have been so encouraged to see how they are fighting to know the Lord more for themselves as well as the girls in their room. During Dgroup this week we talked about Matthew 28:6 “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations”. It was an overwhelming thought that fulfilling this command means a commitment for the rest of our lives to discipleship and selfless service.  Why would the Lord of the universe ask insignificant and sinful people like us to take on a task of this magnitude? Through these thoughts we realized that we aren’t alone in this call, but rather called to go together. We as believers can and should join together in taking the gospel to the nations. What a privilege it is to unite with my fellow brothers and sisters in bringing the world the best news they could ever hear.  The Lord is definitely working and moving in the lives of men and women down here and we have been blessed to see a small glimpse of God’s glory and plan for redemption.

Something you guys can be praying for us is a continued dependence on the Lord and that we may endure, not only for this summer but for the rest of our lives. That we may be on fire for the Lord and commit to this call to go and spread the gospel –

“As it is written, how beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news.”

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