Welcome Charity Knight!

We are excited to announce that Charity Knight is our new Director of Children's Ministries! Read this letter that explains her heart behind taking on this role: When the idea of taking on the role as the Children’s Director at Christ Community was presented to me, I immediately felt inadequate. I was thinking that someone else could do a much better job at filling Camille’s shoes than me. God has graciously given me a vision for our Children’s Worship time. He has also reminded me that he can use our inadequacies to pursue his purpose for his church.

Since taking on the responsibilities for our Children’s Ministry, God has used the skills that I have learned in my teaching career to help aid in the details of this role. I have really enjoyed thinking through our upcoming move to Athens with Aaron and Camille and what that will look like for the children and families in our church.  I am praying that the kids and their parents, whether current members or future visitors, will feel the love of the gospel through the nurturing of our workers, safety of the environment we provide, and our acceptance of diversity.

God’s Purpose - Psalm 78:1-8

My Vision - Deuteronomy 6:4-9

The first part of my vision is that our children at Christ Community will grow up learning truth, loving God, and loving others. A challenging question for me is: “Could we create an environment so the children of Christ Community never even have a memory of when they didn’t hear about Jesus and his gospel?” So, whatever activities, lessons, or events we are doing with them, it models the gospel and conveys that the gospel is intricately connected to every part of our lives as believers. I pray our children will learn what love, sacrifice, freedom, grace, and generosity truly means, and in turn, through the gospel these truths will impact their lives in a very personal way. I pray our children can learn these things from their parents, children’s workers, and other believers in our church.

Another part of my vision is to see our children’s ministry grow in ways we cannot imagine. I am not sure what that means for us. I just know I am praying for growth and for God’s purpose for this ministry to transpire. I pray that our children acquire a missional perspective as they grow and learn through their years at Christ Community. I pray for the growth of our teachers and staff in the children’s ministry. I am so thankful for the sacrifices they make to love on these kids. I have a strong desire to love them and grow with them as we disciple our children together.

The last part of my vision is to see our children’s ministry having the capability to serve our children in upper elementary at Christ Community. I pray our curriculum always equips instructors with tools to make the gospel transparent but, also fits the developmental and individual needs of our children. I envision our children’s ministry being able to instruct and disciple children of all ages to prepare their hearts and minds for their teenage years in the youth group.  I am praying that we can obtain more people who are willing to serve in this facet of our church to enable us to serve our older children.

My vision is not simple by any means and I have no timeline in mind. My only hope is that God will guide us with grace as he orchestrates the purpose for our children at Christ Community and the children of Athens.

Thank you for allowing me to serve your family. I am thrilled about gaining deeper and more profound relationships with you and your children in the near future.


Charity Knight

“...You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise...”

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