Letter and Video from David Hunt

If you have been around gatherings of Christ Community Church for a while now, no doubt you've heard Matt or me or any other of our leadership using words like 'community' and 'family' and 'mission'. We use them often. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if, over time, those words have begun to sound like 'blah' and 'blah' and 'blah'. And I am pretty sure that some of us are tired of simply hearing these terms spoken and would love to see them actually lived out. I know I would. Seeing a family of missionaries living in community would be a helpful, instructional picture. I think I have a great example.

But I need 14 minutes of your time.
   Below is a link to a video created by Jeff Vanderstelt at the Soma church in Tacoma, Washington. It isn't a sermon or a how-to video. It is simply a picture (a wonderfully produced picture at that) of people living out their lives in a way that will probably make you, at once, envious and encouraged. It is a picture of community and mission that I think we would all want to see reflected in our own lives and in our Community Groups.
And it'll probably make you want to move to Tacoma. But it rains a lot there. Don't go yet. Just watch the video.
Be encouraged,
    David Hunt


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