Set List for 8/21

There is a lot more to the songs we sing at Christ Community Church than us just thinking they’re great songs. So, we wanted to use these posts as an opportunity to connect the music to the overall story being told at each gathering.

Just the thought of being “absent from flesh” brings the Christian joy. We get to spend life forever with the God who made it possible by dropping our charges and giving us freedom through Jesus.

We exist to worship the God who is and was and forever will be. None can stand against His name. 

It’s at the cross of Jesus we find all we need. Our response to Christ crucified, the great I AM, is simply “Hallelujah!”

Our loving God holds everything together. He is great and glorious, worthy of all our praise.

Because we all fail and fall in different ways, we need a God who can free us to fail and is strong enough to hold us up when we fall. If our good, great, gracious and glorious God is for us, who can be against us?

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