Summer Leadership Project

This summer many of our students headed down to Panama City, Florida, for Summer Leadership Project hosted by Campus Outreach. It is a privilege for us to say that 4 out of the 6 team leaders (the students who are in charge of running the project) call Christ Community home. Coleman Collins, one of those team leaders, wrote an encouraging summary of what God did this summer in the lives of the students during their time there:

Hello Family!  It is so good to finally be back in Athens after 3 months away, and I believe I can say for all of us college students what a blessing it is to breathe in the fresh air of the love our God is spreading at Christ Community!  I am writing this to give you all a glimpse into what God did this summer in my life and the lives of those around me.


This summer I had the opportunity to be a part of the 2 month Summer Leadership Project in Panama City Beach, Florida.  This is my third summer down there, so if you can add, that’s half a year of my life spent with some of the best and brightest of our society in the illustrious PCB. I could try to explain what we do, but I would rather explain what God did, for that is far more important.  My biggest prayer going into the summer was vulnerability and freedom.  Needless to say, never have I experienced or seen around me so much freedom…funny how God does that.  I saw a bunch of college students who began to become increasingly more free to be real, to be themselves, to be sinners.  What followed was a hunger and a thirst for God, for to be sinners means to stand in need of a Savior and Sustainer.  We need Jesus, and these students lived this reality.  


But it wasn’t just them.  God continued His work in my life as well.  I have always wanted to arrive.  To hit some rock bottom, unearth some truth, figure out some process that would allow me to get where I was going spiritually.  I have always known this to be wrong, but if you look at my life, I live this way daily.  This summer God showed me the process He has me in by showing me the process that He has 87 other college students in.   As I began to see His faithfulness slowly unfold in their lives, and their growth towards Christ, I saw that God has me right here for a reason.  He has me weak for a reason, I am still a sinner for a reason, and I constantly stand needy for a reason, and that reason is the glory of our God.  Praise God this isn’t all about us!  Amen?

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