Once a week, you will hear from someone on our Protege team. There are eight people in the Protege program this year, all of whom are involved in a different part of our church. Hopefully, hearing from them will give you some idea of how our residency program is helping serve Christ Community.

Here is our second post from Rachael Mirabella:

Hello! My name is Rachael Mirabella and I’m a second year Protege member. As Justin said last week - they went and gave me a title - except they gave me two. I am the Director of Communications and one of the directors of our Student Ministry (6th-12th grade). Before I tell you about those, let me give you a quick snapshot of who I am:

-I graduated from the University of Georgia in May of 2010 with a degree in Religion and Speech Communication.
-I grew up as a pastor’s kid in the lovely Fayetteville, GA. That’s about 2 hours south of here.
-My heritage is half Sicilian and half English/Scottish/European-etc.
-I bore pretty quickly at most things except when it comes to being around people. And even then, sometimes my half-introverted nature can hit pretty hard.

Now that I’m sure you have a pretty good idea about me, I’ll explain my jobs as a member of the Protege team. As the Director of Communications, I am in charge of most of things you hear from us throughout your week and on Sundays. I type up/print out the bulletins, I manage the information on (though most of what you see on there is thanks to Aaron Slaten), I manage our facebook account, I send you e-mails throughout your week, I manage this blog, I brainstorm for better/clearer/more precise ways of letting you know what’s happening at Christ Community, I tweet for @missionathens, and I even tweet for @lovelifeathens - the twitter account for the Mark Driscoll event happening on October 8. I promise I’m not trying to bombard your life with more information than you want; I’m simply trying to make what you do want accessible while supplying encouraging blog posts/tweets/announcements along the way. I want to provide news that is authentic and life-giving. And I want to create a conversation through this blog and twitter and facebook .. communication is a two-way street .. so please respond to me! As George Bernard Shaw, playwright and essayist, once said about communication: The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” So let me know how I can make it better around here. Let me know what you want to know and what you don’t want to know. Feel free to e-mail me at The goal is Jesus, and I mean that. I want us to know Him more.

As one of the directors of our Student Ministry, let me first say it really is a privilege to be a part of these students’ lives. If you don’t know our middle & highschool students, let me assure you they are amazing. We meet each Wednesday night at someone’s home from 7-8:30. We run Wednesday nights much like a community group. We start by playing a game, then we dive into Matt’s sermon from Sunday and apply it to their lives in a school setting. We’re trying to understand what it means that God really loves us, what grace really means, and why we want to live out those things. As most of these kids have grown up around the church, we don’t just want the word ‘gospel’ to be something they can throw around. We want them to understand - as Paul says in Ephesians 3 - how high, how wide, how long and how deep is His love for us in Christ Jesus. We rely heavily on discussion rather than teaching; we think highly of our students’ ability to process Sunday sermons. As I said above, we want authentic and life-changing conversation. Getting to spend time with these students on Wednesdays and other times throughout the week is absolutely the best part of my job.

I truly love this family called Christ Community Church, and I am blessed and honored to be a part of it. Thanks for hearing me out. See you on Sunday!

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