Set List for 8/28

There is a lot more to the songs we sing at Christ Community Church than us just thinking they’re great songs. So, we wanted to use these posts as an opportunity to connect the music to the overall story being told at each gathering.

The very same hands that created the world hold us through our own ups and downs. Our caring God is intricately involved in the lives of His children.

  • Gathering Song - Safe

God has invited sinners, the needy, the weary and the wandering to come and see that none but Jesus can do them any good. For it’s Jesus who forgives sin and it’s Jesus who gives us the faith to believe.

Only Jesus can save us from our sin. Only He can rescue us from death. Only Jesus is the giver of life.

There are times when it’s difficult to pray. Times when our hearts are cold. Times when believing is just too hard. We need help. And that help must come from God.

We believe in a God who holds all things together. There is nothing impossible for our God. We can rest our hope in Jesus and trust that He will come through for us in the most difficult moments of our lives.

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