Boys To Men


Once a week, you will hear from someone on our Protege team. There are eight people in the Protege program this year, all of whom are involved in a different part of our church. Hopefully, hearing from them will give you some idea of how our residency program is helping serve Christ Community.

Here is our third post from Collin Ross:

Chances are good that the majority of you don’t know me. You’ve seen me, you’ve heard my name perhaps; but you don’t know me.

Let’s change that, eh?

I came to Christ Community in January last year by God’s amazing guidance, and almost immediately I felt at home. Was it the people? The preaching? The worship? I believe it was E.) all of the above. There was a Christ Community shaped hole in my heart, and God led me to the one place it could be filled.

Fast forward a year and a half and I find myself interning with the youth group. Quite a leap for the kid who hadn’t been involved in a church since leaving for college almost four years ago; but God is good, great, gracious, and glorious is he not? For the past four months I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work alongside two incredible followers of Christ, Aaron and Rachael, as we continue striving to reveal and display the absolutely unbelievable yet entirely factual grace of Jesus Christ to the youth of our faith family.

So now you know what I do; but I want more than anything to briefly explain why I do what I do. In my teenage years a man named Trey was my youth minister, and he changed my life by pursuing a relationship with me that was far more than just adult to adolescent. Trey came alongside me in the muck and grime of high school existence and spoke truth. Due to his work in my life, I knew I wanted to impart the same intentionality to younger guys, that they could experience what Trey gifted me. Yet, I knew I was no Trey. However one day I finally realized the truth: it wasn’t Trey that pursued me but Christ within him; the same Christ that’s within me. The reason I’m here, the reason I’m on the Protégé team, the reason I care about the youth in our church has nothing to do with me but everything to do with Christ.

My desire is to help youth boys turn into Christ-following men; that they’d come to know God’s love for them expressed through the life, death, and resurrection of his Son; that that love would allow them to live in freedom from consuming people for their own gain; that they’d yearn to give themselves to Christ’s work of the redemption and reconciling of all things; and that they’d leave our faith family prepared to show and display God’s love to whatever community in which they find themselves.

It’s a long list of goals, I know; but we have a mighty God. You can doubt me and my ability as a 21 year old college student to impart life-altering wisdom to youth guys – and you’d be right in doing so – but remember, it is not I that do good, but Christ within me.

And that is something we can ALL put our hope in. 

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