Once a week, you will hear from someone on our Protege team. There are eight people in the Protege program this year, all of whom are involved in a different part of our church. Hopefully, hearing from them will give you some idea of how our residency program is helping serve Christ Community.

Here is our fourth post from Wes Cooper:

I’ve always wanted to be a cowboy.


I just began my second year of the two-year internship program called Protégé.  The first year I spent a lot of time on campus building relationships, and working in the University of Georgia’s weight-room.  I led a community group for the first time, which consisted of about ten people.  I learned a lot in this process and was able to grow as a leader and see how the work of Jesus Christ speaks into numerous situations.  Another way I was able to grow was through the material we covered as a Protégé staff in the Porterbrook program.  The Porterbrook curriculum is broken down into four dimensions: Bible/Doctrine, Mission, Church and World.  This material covered many different aspects of my life and allowed me to apply the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ to many conversations and situations.


As the second year approached, my future seemed to be less clear: I had known I wanted to plant a church and thought I wanted to pastor, but now I only know I want to be involved in church-planting.  I am now heading up Campus Groups, which will allow me to help other leaders develop as I was able to develop as a group leader.  Also, I am directing our Set-Up and Tear-Down Team, which has been exciting as I lead the men of our church in serving to lay the foundation for a gathering so that people can encounter and worship the Savior of the World. 


Protégé is designed to help Christian college students/graduates make the transition to the working world.  Through the program, Christ Community Church strives to help interns make the next step in their lives, wherever that may be, with the intention of sharing their faith and the good news that because of Jesus, God welcomes us into His family.  Though I currently cannot tell you what my next step is in life, I do know myself better: I know I love trying things: kicking for a football team, putting together a night of good music, performing music at a venue downtown, producing music, etc. More than just trying things, I love to create.  I have written lyrics for almost half of my life; I love making music (though I am not very good at it); I love thinking through the plans and organizing the necessary structure for something that will be great.  I want to be a part of something huge, as I imagine most of us do, and my love for Jesus and people has grown through my training and time in Protégé: so whatever I do create, I will strive to make it the best it can be for the glory of God and with a love for people.


And now you know me a little bit better, but I am still uncertain what the next step in my life will be so this post ends as it began…


I’ve always wanted to be a cowboy.

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