Community Groups

Our community groups are ground zero for us as a church - our gathering might be the front door you walked through but these groups are where we become family and learn to follow Jesus.

Here is the group listing for September 2011 - May 2012:

Campus Groups

Focus: JOBS FOR LIFE .  Serving the Jobs For Life initiative together while inviting outsiders into the group through those service opportunities.

Leader: Brad Wilkerson. (706) 483-0697.

Focus: RECREATION . Participating in activities with the intention of helping people who don’t know Jesus to encounter him.

Leader: Jim Tocci. (724) 263-8592.

Focus: APARTMENTS . Living on mission where you live.

Leader: Justin Kimmel. (404) 660-0185.

Focus: FRESHMEN . Mobilizing freshmen to proclaim the gospel throughout the campus and the world.

Leader: Wyatt Martin. (706) 968-1593.

Community Groups

Focus: SOCIAL IMPACT OF FOOD . Creating missional environments centered around food-related social and cultural issues.

Leader: David Hunt. (706) 714-6698.

Focus: YOUNG FAMILIES . Fostering a heart for young couples and young parents.

Leader: Josh Hughes. (706) 455-8201.

Focus: JOBS FOR LIFE  . Implementing Jobs For Life, a life-transforming ministry among the unemployed and under-employed.

Leader: Todd Harrison. (404) 660-1672.

Focus: SPORTS & RECREATION . Loving people - specifically youth - through recreation.

Leader: Walt Woodard. (706) 354-8560.

Focus: FAMILIES . Helping families with young children become part of an extended family.

Leader: Matt Adair. (706) 424-1130.

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