Set List for 9/11

At some point, we all fight doubt, fear or unbelief. Faith, hope and belief in Jesus is what comforts us to know that one day there will be no such battle.

  • Gathering Song - No More Faith by Andrew Peterson

We gather to sing praises to a great and glorious God whose love for us is something to be joyful over.

Jesus is mightier and stronger than any who came before or after him. He reigns over all the earth and as his children, we get to be with him forever. 

Doubt is a very real struggle for Christians. As we saw in Luke 7, even John the Baptist struggled with believing whether or not Jesus was the Messiah that was to come after him.

Jesus broke the power of sin through his death and resurrection. He is the righteous lamb who was slain on our behalf. He is holy. He is worthy. And we get to sing that loud!

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