I'm Your Huckleberry

Once a week, you will hear from someone on our Protege team. There are eight people in the Protege program this year, all of whom are involved in a different part of our church. Hopefully, hearing from them will give you some idea of how our residency program is helping serve Christ Community.

Here is our fifth post from Josh Hughes:

Hello friends. So now I will attempt to tell you about myself. I won’t try to tell you the whole story because, let’s face it. My life is just far too complex and interesting for one sitting. But enough pleasantry. Here is a little bit about who I am and what I’m doing with Protégé. 

I am 22 years old. I am just about finished with my degree in Psychology from UGA and I am married to a fantastic woman named Lindsey Nicole Hughes. My whole life is basically a portrait of God’s power and grace. I have experienced some things that should have sent me off the deep end never to return. But God never stopped watching after me and somehow never allowed me to forget about Him. I’m sure the story is the same for many of you, and praise God for that! So I eventually figured out what He had been doing and decided He was more worth my life than anything else.  I’ve done most of my growing in my college years and even more since meeting my wife. 

So what else? I love food and cooking. I am a big music guy. I was a band nerd all through school playing saxophone and percussion. I also love singing and am learning the guitar. 

Now you may ask, “So what do you do”? Well I have no title in our church just yet, and I’m ok with that. As of now I am leading our Community Group for young families, as well as taking care of a few odds and ends on Sunday mornings to help the service run well. I have a heart for church planting and global missions. Soon I will be talking with Matt about a way to implement that passion in our church in order for us to learn together and serve His movement in the world. 

I was pretty much sold on the idea of Protégé when I first heard Matt mention it in a gathering. I have thought about seminary as a future option, but I know I would totally burn out and not honor God if I went now. This internship is perfect for me to build a solid foundation in loving and knowing the Lord well before moving on to whatever vocation He calls me to. It also is teaching me how to live and work well with my brothers and sisters in Christ. I have always been pretty introverted, meaning that I process things internally require alone time for that. This is not a negative thing in itself but it can become so if I fail to live in community with the people around me. So I am thankful for the environments that Protégé provides that force me to be real with people instead of a silent stoic (which isn’t as glamorous as it sounds). 

I am honored and blessed to be here and excited to grow a lot and serve well.

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