Mark Driscoll on October 8

Our church is hosting Pastor Mark Driscoll on Saturday, October 8 in the ClassicCenter. You don’t want to miss this!

For those of you who don’t know anything about Pastor Mark, he is the pastor of MarsHillChurch in Seattle, a church living on mission in their city and making a big impact. You can learn more about their church here . Driscoll is also the founder of the Acts 29 Network that our church is a part of (, a network that helps gospel-centered, missional churches plant more churches.

The topic of the conference is relationships. Who doesn’t love a good relationship talk? The focus is on marriage, but anyone ages 16+ is invited if they one day hope to be married. And for anyone who already is married; this is a must-attend. It will be the best advice you have heard on marriage in a long time. Mark will spotlight the importance of friendship within a marriage using the book Song of Solomon. Follow this link to watch a 5 minute clip with Driscoll for his heart on the subject:

Also, we promise that the Gospel will be the center of everything spoken this Saturday. Our God exists in a relationship in the Trinity and a relationship with us. Our God who knows and loves us has much to say on us loving one another.

Buy your tickets here:

Ticket sales are $26 for students, $31 for adults until October 1. We recommend buying them soon because on October 1, prices will go up to $31 for students, $36 for adults. Join us for this day of gospel-centered relationship sessions with Mark Driscoll in Athens on October 8!

Layout of the Conference:

9 AM – Worship with Christ Community Band

9:30 AM – Session with Driscoll / Q & A with Driscoll

12 PM1 PM – Lunch Break

1 PM – Worship with Christ Community Band

1:30 PM - 4:30 PM - Session with Driscoll / Q & A with Driscoll

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