Set List for 9/25

There is a lot more to the songs we sing at Christ Community Church than we just think they’re great songs. So, we wanted to use these posts as an opportunity to connect the music to the overall story being told at each gathering.

Jesus’ name has power. The living God, the Great I Am, the highest name of all.

  • Gathering Song - Holy

Jesus is prophet, priest and king. He is king of all the universe and will reign over it forever.

  • Kingdom Days
  • Jesus Shall Reign - Hymn redone by Aaron Slaten

Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, sin is condemned and we are forgiven. Our sins are many. His mercy is greater.

Jesus’ forgiveness is for sinners, the ones who come out of need to know it’s the claimed righteousness from Jesus that merits one life with the Father.

We need Jesus every moment. The one who conquered death and who rules over all loves us and has made himself available to all who come in need.

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