Once a week, you will hear from someone on our Protege team. There are eight people in the Protege program this year, all of whom are involved in a different part of our church. Hopefully, hearing from them will give you some idea of how our residency program is helping serve Christ Community.

Here is our seventh post from Holly Von Lanken:


Hello Everyone!

My name is Holly Von Lanken and I recently joined the Protégé team in August.  Some of you know me, but some of you don’t so I thought I’d give you a little glimpse into my life, who I am and what I do.

I’m from McDonough, Ga.  I graduated from UGA last May with a degree in Spanish and Foreign Language Education.  I love coffee and being outside.  And I’m super pumped to be staying in Athens and working for the Lord with Christ Community.

My role as Protégé staff consists of assisting Charity Knight with all things Children’s Ministry related as well as various day to day tasks that need to be done.  Whether that’s sending out an email or hanging up posters for the Mark Driscoll event, as part of the team I’m here to serve.  Serving is one of the things that I’ve been learning a lot about recently.  We all know that we’re supposed to serve and put others before ourselves, but putting that into action actually takes intention and follow through.  It is looking to the cross and letting that transform you.  Serving is also something that should take place in leadership.  If a CEO of a company was helping sort through mail, you might take a second look at their life – maybe even respect them a little bit more.  That’s what Jesus was doing.  He was setting an example for us to live a life of love.  Obviously, none of us will ever be a perfect servant or leader like Jesus, but we can look at his life and let him guide us into a life of servanthood. 

I’m excited and grateful to be here with my Christ Community family.  My prayer is that over the course of my time on Protégé, I would learn more about my Savior, grow to be a godly woman, and see Christ move in the city of Athens.  If I haven’t met you yet, I hope to soon! Thanks guys!

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