New Member - Sarah Hearn

We’ve recently completed membership interviews with several people and asked some of them to talk about why they’ve become part of the Christ Church family. Here’s Sarah Hearn’s story:

My name is Sarah Hearn and I am a junior at UGA. My dad is a chaplain in the Army so my life has consisted of close involvement in a variety of churches and I’ve been very blessed through those experiences. However, (until now) I haven’t really been plugged into a church since I came to college.  I chose to join Christ Community because I like what is happening here and I want to actively be a part of it. So much of the Christian life is serving and communing with other believers and I think church membership is an important part of that. I wanted to join Christ Community so that I would not just take from but could also start giving back to this awesome body of believers. Thanks for having me! 

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