We are recording a CD!

A note from Aaron Slaten, our Pastor of Gathered Worship:

Hey Everyone,
So as you have hopefully noticed by now on facebook, twitter or the blog, our church band has decided to record a CD. We are super excited about this opportunity! I want to take just one minute of your time and explain why we decided to record and why we would love for you to invest with us in the process.
I feel like over the past almost 6 years our church music has seen some significant changes. We have grown as musicians both in musicianship and spiritually. We have been asked regularly over the past three years when/would we record some music. For so long I felt like we had nothing to say that wasn’t already being said. However, I have had a few conversations over the past year about why recording is important for a church that persuaded me to record. For me the main thing that changed my heart towards us recording was my answer to this question: do you have something new/unique to say? No, and that’s ok. Because we do have timeless truths and we can communicate them in a fresh/clear/new ways. So we will take timeless truths and communicate them in a clear/fresh way that will be encouraging for God’s people.
Hopefully you are on board with this being an important and exciting opportunity! If your next question is how we plan on paying to record a CD (because it’s going to cost around $7,500 for recording, mixing, mastering, making physical copies of the CD, etc), I want to address that really quick as well.
We’re using a website called Kickstarter that helps musicians and other artists raise money for projects they couldn’t otherwise afford. We put our project on their website yesterday - check it out here - http://kck.st/zOkYQe . Following that link will explain how we’re raising money through the website and how you can get involved! You can watch the video and read our letter there. We really hope that you will join with us. If you have any further questions, or are confused by the Kickstarter website, please e-mail me at aslaten@missionathens.com . I’d love to hear from you! Thanks,
P.S. The Kickstarter is in many ways a presale of the CD, don’t wait until it’s released to invest, partner now and recieve your copy at least a month before it is released. Click the picture below for the link!

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