Felt Love of Jesus

In a sermon from Luke 7:36-50 by Matt Adair a few weeks ago, he made this statement:

‘The greatest power to set you free from the addictions, afflictions and assorted troubles of this world is the felt love of Jesus.”

I think we can all say we know the difference between believing we are loved and then feeling loved by someone. We have asked members of our church to share stories of a time when they really felt loved by Jesus. There is so much power in the stories of believers, so we hope you are encouraged by these.

Our ninth story is by Brad Wilkerson:

My story of when I felt loved by Jesus is pretty simple.  It is recent, and it is just an example of him giving me a really good gift that I don’t deserve. 

I just graduated from UGA, and I spent most of my last semester there looking for a job and trying to figure out what the next step in my life was going to be.  Like the few other times when I’ve had to make a big decision, I felt like I had very little direction.  I didn’t know where I wanted to live or what I wanted to do.  So, I proceeded to discover that it is difficult to find a job when you don’t know the answer to those two questions.  It was a hard semester filled with a lot of rejection on the job search front and a lot of feeling purposeless as my college career was winding down and I had lots of free time. 

To keep this short, I’ll skip a lot of details and get to the point.  I feel really loved by Jesus right now because the dust has finally settled, and he has provided for me so much more richly than I needed or deserved.  I spent a lot of time reminding myself that Jesus still loved me even if things didn’t work out the way I wanted, which is true, but I think part of me was guarding myself in case he didn’t come through.  It turns out that he has.  Jesus provided a place for me to live in Atlanta with some friends where there is great community, and he provided a job with a really cool company that I am super excited about.  I could go on and on but the main thing is that I just feel so moved that Jesus really cares about the details of my life and he wants to give me good gifts.  My prayer is that we would believe this and trust him when the gifts aren’t so obvious.

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