Bring The Thunder


Read this post by Pastor of Gathered Worship Aaron Slaten about his mantra while leading worship:

Almost every time our band leads worship I usually look at someone and say, “Let’s bring the thunder.” It is also usually accompanied with a fist pound. Before you stop reading because you think I am lame, finish reading so I have a chance to either affirm my lameness or convince you otherwise.

One day I realized that it probably sounds funny to say “bring the thunder” right before we lead worship. It could sound really arrogant, but it’s not. So I started to explain myself.

I remember watching the movie Cars with my son and the main car Lightning McQueen called another car “Thunder” because it always comes after lightning. I honestly was confused. I had never really thought about the order of thunder and lightning. But when I did, I saw a great picture in my head of what happens when we lead worship.

As a band we are not:

  • preparing the way for the Word to come and move
  • softening the hearts of the lost
  • ushering God into our room

As a band we are:

  • pointing to the work of Jesus that is done
  • acknowledging that the Spirit is already here
  • making much of the God that has rescued his people

We are merely the thunder after the lightning. The lightning I speak of is this: through the work that Christ did on the cross as the atoning sacrifice for our sins and through his resurrection we now have life.

I love that there is no pressure on me as a leader to perform, motivate or save anyone through my music. My job is to be the resounding thunder that is in response to the the dramatic, never-ending and never-giving-up love of God.


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