New Member - Cleve Cleveland

We’ve recently completed membership interviews with several people and asked some of them to talk about why they’ve become part of the Christ Church family. Here’s Cleve Cleveland’s story:

I have been regularly attending Christ Community for well over a year now. I began coming towards the beginning of my freshman year. When I first started attending Christ Community, I would definitely say that I wasn’t a Christian. I came for weeks and weeks and slowly began realize that what I considered to be Christianity was drastically different than what I saw each Sunday and in people’s lives throughout the week. The idea of a church attempting to pursue Jesus and to see who he was above all else (e.g. philanthropy, church politics, and even ministry) was an idea that had never clicked with me before. I absolutely love walking into gatherings and knowing that I am in a group of broken people, eager to fall at the feet of Jesus.

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