New Member - Michelle Kunkel

We’ve recently completed membership interviews with several people and asked some of them to talk about why they’ve become part of the Christ Church family. Here’s Michelle Kunkel’s story:

In the past, I attended church selfishly to gather knowledge and meaning, but never poured myself back into the church.  I went through a large period of growth over the past summer and learned that even though I am still in need of much strength, I can help people in this church family grow in their faith too. Also, because I’m currently in my first year of college, I have been craving an adult influence in my life and I want to be a leader in my community through what they can teach me. I was drawn to Christ Community by the depth of scripture in teaching and the relationships that I see developing every week, and I know that this family will be beneficial in my walk with Christ throughout the next four years of college.

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