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We’re recording!!

Well, we’ve been in the mountains for several days now recording our church band’s first album. First, we want to say thank you again for everyone’s support through prayer, through encouragement, and through our kickstarter page.

It has been a blast so far! It’s been a lot of work, a lot of chords, a lot of laughs, and light on sleep. The songs are coming together incredibly. We’ve had the creative juices flowing as people come in and out to record their instruments of expertise. Here are a few photos from an iPhone of our time together so far:

This is Brian Murphy. We call him the wizard, the genius, our friend. He is our talented producer for the week. And that’s his sweet dog Como at his feet.

Rachael Mirabella and Jason Gridley laying down scratch for Beautiful.

Kevin Justmann on the upright bass.

Setting up the drums for beat-master David Gridley.

Slade Adams. Don’t all violinists wear robes?

Paige Betts on the vocals!

Electric guitarist Ryan Keck took a guided fishing trip break with Justin Kimmel.

Just the smallest snippet of the instruments used on Power In The Blood. This is going to be fun!

Daniel Lilley laying down more bass.

Wes Gregory laying down some incredible beats.

The lovely Mary Griffith Davis singing some harmonies.

Meredith Williams singing beautiful melodies and harmonies.

Justin Kimmel bringing it on the vocals.

Aaron Slaten’s thoughts about the record so far. Just kidding. 

So, that’s us! We’ve been at this lake-house-turned-studio for six days, and we’ve got three left. We are really, really excited to share the final product with you. Please continue to pray for health and creativity as we end our time here. Y’all rock. See you on Sunday.

because of Christ,

Mission Athens Music

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